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Torque Calibration 

What is Torque?
Torque (or moment) is force multiply by the level arm vector for example: Newton*Meter (Nm( or Lib*Inch. The result is the arm's torque.
Calibrating Torque wrenches, transducers, cap torques, moment test systems and toque calibrators can only be performed in house (at QCC labs) using high precision torque calibrators.

Torque calibration in the industry and transport
moving a vehicle, efficiently, depends on the force required to make gear turn. Torque implies to the engine's flexibility and ability to provide force throughout the entire RPM range.   
Train, valves in MEKOROT and ICL plants, and the IEC use high torque to close screws and nuts.

Torque calibration in the high tech and biotechnology industry
Torque wrenches calibration is critical to ensure credibility in everyday work.
Torque wrench measures the tension and rotation of screws and nuts so they are tight enough yet not over tight.
Not tightened enough screws and nut, might cause elements to loosen up and damage people's health and property. Too tightened together parts could ware the nut and break the part.
In many cases a rather low moment is in use. An artificial tooth is mounted on a small screw fixed in the patient's jaw by a delicate surgical act of the dentist.  The goal is to keep the patient safe and healthy and to best fit the tooth to the jaw and mouth.
QCC calibrated a variety of torque tool in different moments to serve many industries and uses.

QCC is ISO 17025 accredited by ISRAC - the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority - for torque.
We are service-providers to a wide range of leading manufacturers in this field.

To view the scope of torque accreditation click here
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